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Accepting the Alpha

Accepting the Alpha - J.J. Black

When it comes to shifters, if you’re not the predator, you’re the prey. For years, the shifter community has rejected the reality of gay shifters, classifying homosexuality as an incurable defect that needs to be culled from their ranks. Ostracized and abused, those shifters were forced to hide what they were or face a death sentence. 

Thankfully, change has come and shifters are prepared to come out of the closet, in more ways than one. In the Great Lakes Region and across the country, old leadership has been cast aside, and a new, more progressive regime has come into power, allowing all shifters the freedom to be true to themselves, without fear of repercussion. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to accept this change. Convinced that this new course will lead to the downfall of the shifter community, they have plans to take the packs in a new direction and will do anything to insure their success. When the true horror of their plan is revealed, it will take the entire shifter community, working together, to protect their way of life or risk becoming slaves to this group’s evil machinations


SUMMARY REVIEW: Really poor effort at werewolf erotica.




I am really rather fond of werewolf m/m romance, I have read many different varieties; violent, erotic, romantic and sometimes even funny- where writers try tenderly to bring something new to their characters or established werewolf lore. This book is none of these things, it is a derivative piece of unimaginative and unambitious twaddle.


The language uses every erotic cliche available and consequently builds no atmosphere except one of alienation for the reader. The characters are distasteful stereotypes acting out recycled themes including OFY, and the tedious insta mate bond.

It is a series I will be avoiding.